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Organizations Serving Youth and Adults

Nooga Diversity Center (NDC) provides an affirming environment with a connection to a network of local area resources as well as in-house physical and mental health support groups, and tailored programming that is informational, educational, social, recreational, and is focused on our area’s LGBTQ+ community and their families.  

Chattanooga Pride is the LGBTQ+ Pride Festival for the greater Chattanooga area. Managed by the 501(c)3 non-profit Tennessee Valley Pride. Our volunteer board works year round to bring the LGBTQ+ community and our allies together for events, various causes, and to build networks of support which benefit all of us. 

Nooga Prime Timers is an active and vibrant social group connecting gay and bisexual men over the age of 45.  Men connect over lunches, dinners, and social outings to build a stronger community for themselves.  

Open and affirming service providers

QMed – Hormone Replacement Therapy QMed aims to fill some of the major gaps in care for transgender and nonbinary patients of all ages.  Dr. Izzy Lowell, a Family Medicine Physician based in Atlanta, started QMed to improve access to hormone therapy for trans* patients across the Southeast.  There is especially low access to affirming health care for transgender kids and teens. QMed accepts patients of all ages and provides puberty blockers for those yet to enter puberty. QMed welcomes gender expansive patients of all ages! 

Cempa Community Care Their mission is to reach, assist, and support people impacted by HIV, Hepatitis C and STIs through compassionate and responsive delivery of education health, social, and advocacy related services. 

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Name Changes.

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Name Change Documentation for Tennessee

Changing your name and gender markers can be a major step forward in letting the world know who you are.  These resources are not intended to be exhaustive.  State laws may effect or limit gender marker changes on birth certificates.