licensed therapist - queer advocate - community educator


Queering spaces opens new possibilities for creating change.

I'm glad you're here.

Welcome, I’m Troy Johnson, LCSW. My professional work is dedicated to queering therapy and helping allies break down barriers and create spaces that are open, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of those who identify as LGBTQAAI+.

Queer people are adept at adapting and I’m here to help you and your community do the same.  Queering therapy is key to fostering authenticity and empowerment, and queering spaces takes allyship to the next level.


My role as your therapist will be one of guide, coach, and nurturer. I will bring contemporary philosophies and evidence-based practices into our sessions in a way that honors where you are now and nudges you toward your potential.

Advocacy & Education

Allyship is an earned role in the LGBTQAAI+ community, and one that should be active, informed, and visible.  Yet, allies also need safe spaces to ask questions, gain awareness, and identify opportunities that can elevate them from passive to activated participants in the LGBTQ+ movement.

I’m straight and chose Troy because I wanted a new perspective on my life.


“I’ve never known a better counselor. As a heterosexual person I initially sought Troy for just a few sessions to better understand gender identity and sexual orientation issues relative to myself, friends and church, since Troy’s reputation precedes him in these areas. 

I quickly discovered, however, that he would eagerly listen and thoughtfully help with all hurts and fears to include compulsive behaviors, professional issues,  goals,  family issues, dating and being true to who I am.  

The few sessions turned into long-term life-changing therapy. His manner, expertise, and personality are superb, and he possesses incredibly wide-ranging empathy and wisdom.  I have never conversed with someone so flexible, intelligent and engaged as Troy.  


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