I’m glad you are here.
Troy Johnson, LCSW
What I do.
I help people become who they really are.  From gender identity to evolving in how we love and relate, the journey to our highest and most authentic self begins with self acceptance, compassion, and a willingness to change.


online counseling
Telehealth counseling and therapy is a convenient and effective alternative to office sessions.  You can set aside an hour without leaving your home or office.  Some clients join in from their cars during a lunch break, or retreat to a cozy corner of their home.  


I work especially well with people seeking authenticity and personal transformation.  This might be someone on a gender journey, coming out, or rebuilding their lives after loss.


It may also be someone who is rethinking their core beliefs and values in relationships, love, work, and family so they can live life fully present – without shame or apology.


  • He possesses incredibly wide-ranging empathy and wisdom.

    I've never known a better counselor.  As a heterosexual person I initially sought Troy for just a few sessions to better understand gender identity and sexual orientation issues relative to myself, friends and church, since Troy's reputation precedes him in these areas.

    I quickly discovered, however, that he would eagerly listen and thoughtfully help with all hurts and fears  to include compulsive behaviors, professional issues,  goals,  family issues, dating and being true to who I am.  The few sessions turned into long-term life-changing therapy .

    His manner, expertise, and personality are superb, and he possesses incredibly wide-ranging empathy and wisdom.  I have never conversed with someone so flexible, intelligent and engaged as Troy.

  • We searched for a long time to find someone like Troy.

    My wife and I married when we were very young and had been together nearly half of our lives.  About 2 years ago, we realized that we have changed so much during our relationship.  We both have gotten our educations, begun careers, made different friends, and probably the most significant change came when she came out as gay.

    We knew we couldn't stay married, yet, we still cared deeply for each other.  I wanted her to have the freedom to explore herself and to find love with a woman, and she wanted me to find out who I might be. 

    We both wanted to continue to be supportive and loving towards one another as we continue to become who we are.

    We searched for nearly two years to find an open-minded therapist who could help us transition our relationship into something new and honor the vows we made to always support and love one another.  

    Troy was amazing at helping us understand how we can be in each other's lives while learning to be the people we have become. 

  • I would recommend him thoroughly!

    It's amazing to me that I could feel so much better so soon!  I've had depression and anxiety practically all my life, and thought I would have to suffer with it until the end. 

    Each time I come into his office, I leave knowing something new about myself and the world I live in.  This is the kind of therapy I've been searching for.  Troy knows how to gently guide me towards my own awakening and resiliency.